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About 7x24 Task

One of the issues that a manager is always involved with is mastering and supervising the various parts of the business that he manages. However, the use of regulatory forces is costly, and despite this cost, what the employer expects is not met. 7x24Task.com As an intelligent software system, it can be a good solution for this need of managers. Smart management by 7x24Task is a solution that your competitors use.

With 7xx24Task.com you will have success in your business.

7x24 Task Key Features

Project Management

Create and manage your projects in one place, forget about your worries

Task Management

Have all related project task in one place, assign them and monitor their progress

Employee Monitoring

Monitoring the performance and efficiency, long term improvement

7x24 Task Services

Cloud Storage

Store every thing related to your project in a cloud environment

Role Management

Define who can access to which part in your project

Tasks & Sub Tasks

Does a task contain another task? Use this feature!

Multi Level CheckLists

You have different level of to-do lists? Just use multilevel check lists

Salary Calculation

Define your employees salary base, wait for salary calculation

Time Tracking

See how much time spends on different tasks, and find how to optimize it

Flexible Working Hours

Define different working hours for your employees


Make your tasks to be done automatically with a few clicks

Task Scheduling

Manage when and how and by whom your tasks should be done

Project Rules

Define different rules to manage your tasks, do and schedule them

Project & Private Notes

Note everything and create a documentation, use it for later

Monitor Traffic Usage

See how much bandwidth every employee uses, and find a way to reduce it

Internal Chat

Have a conversation with your employees & teammates in a private environment

High Security

All information transmits through secure environment in 7x24 Task

Easy access to the system

Access to 7x24 Task from where ever you are at any time

Our Pricing



  • All Features

  • Storage 1 GB
  • Employees: 2
  • Projects: 1

Small Business

$5 / Monthly

  • All Features

  • Storage 10 GB
  • Employees: 1
    Per Extra up to 40: 5.00 $
    Per Extra > 40: 4.00 $
  • Projects: 5
    Per Extra up to 10: 1.00 $
    Per Extra > 10: 0.50 $

Medium Business

$8 / Monthly

  • All Features

  • Storage 20 GB
  • Employees: 1
    Per Extra up to 40: 8.00 $
    Per Extra > 40: 6.00 $
  • Projects: Unlimited

Large Business

$12 / Monthly

  • All Features

  • Storage 100 GB
  • Employees: 1
    Per Extra up to 40: 10.00 $
    Per Extra > 40: 8.00 $
  • Projects: Unlimited