In order to be able to clear up the ambiguities about the work process of this site, here we will answer the common questions that most of the managers have sent us and asked us to answer. So, if you have any problems, questions or ambiguities, please read the following questions and answers

The tools of this site can be used for any business, even small businesses. And it's very important and practical in businesses that are small or start-up or growing. In this type of business, most of the responsibilities are on the manager, and therefore using a trusted system to entrust some controls and care is very important and fundamental, and even makes progress in the business

The important applications of this collection are as follows:

  1. Planning, Management and Monitoring Tasks
  2. Accurate report of staff attendance based on the start of their activities
  3. The system of this site provides you with accurate calculation and monitoring of activities
  4. Ability to observe the working hours of employees and calculate their daily activities
  5. Ability to monitor employee activity on social networks and emails and take photos of the employee's environment or screen
  6. Ability to record ambient sound and conversations

Since most employees today spend their time on social activities and news and sports websites. Certainly a manager can not constantly rotate and control them. And managers can not be careful that employees do not email important and competitive information to others. This site provides managers with tools that they can easily use to be aware of what we have said, and can control their employees and prevent their useless and unnecessary activities, and thus Increase their work efficiency and eliminate and control additional costs

Every business needs to use management tools to succeed. Now, no matter if your business is big or small, you need such tools to improve your management to achieve a consistent workflow. And by using the tools of this site, you can easily reduce your costs and identify good, efficient and useful employees, and dismiss useless employees for the growth of your business. You can even monitor internet usage among employees and find out how efficient they are during business hours. If it's important for you to know what information your employees are sharing with others, or if you want to know if your marketer is active in the areas you are applying for, or if you have a tablet You will know that they are used for work or personal purposes, be sure to register on this site and use its tools.

7x24Task.com provides tools for large and small business managers to increase work efficiency and employee efficiency. This system provides services so that managers can better monitor, evaluate and control their employees and marketers, which allows managers to have important and good information about their performance and how they work, with Using this system, they are able to adopt the necessary strategies for their business in the future based on the results they have received