The rules and conditions of 7x24Task.comfor users and use of its services are as follows:

1. General rules

  1. This site does not provide face-to-face support. It only has the task of supporting its users as mentioned.
  2. The user must follow the principles of conversation when communicating with support and employees, and in the event of any insult to this site, he will no longer be responsible for providing his services to that user.
  3. Site only has the duty to provide its services to the buyer and the owner of the service.
  4. The user must be aware that any violation of all his accounts will be deleted without his knowledge.
  5. Terms and conditions may change so users should read and accept the new rules

2. Financial rules

  1. To use software and support services, users must be careful to renew and pay for their account.

  2. In case of non-payment of the account, we have no responsibility for the expiration of the accounts.

  3. Users should know that in case of miscellaneous support that is not related to the services of this site, they must pay a separate fee.

  4. When the user cancels the service, the paid fees will not be refunded to the user.